Sunday, March 23, 2008, the marketplace of Malaysia.

What is

well.. its a advertistmant portal where you and i can place our advertistment there...

Many things are on sales examples are: Houses! Clothings! Cars! Pets! even JOBS! basically is everything under the sun.

You can even try to sell yourlife style which 1 American did.. he sold off all his belongings to start a new life.

Wow! even lingeris advisor JoB is available here.. they must be very good in inner secrets i presume..
So there is nothing which cannot be sold that is for sure.. Online advertistment is now a different beat and a change to old traditional new papers advertistment. Cheap and reachable to new X & Y generations who have access to internet..
However not only young people goes online.. Old people are computer savvy too okay..
This review is brought to you by and!


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